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CQ drinks originally started as Venice Cookie Company back in 2008. As early pioneers in the Venice Beach cannabis scene, we had alot of fun forging the way for all the brands you see today, but it was nerve-racking too. As the first cannabis beverage brand, our mission was create an inclusive approach to plant-based wellness. We advocated for the health freedom of cannabis patients, taking a stand for their ‘right to choose’ long before there were any rules on how to do so. We’ve always believed that the cornerstone of your wellbeing starts with the ability to decide which options work best for your body. Of course, not everyone agreed with us. We got raided multiple times and our civil rights were disregarded. We spent days in court telling our story and after 3 years, we prevailed. Throughout it all, our mission never changed. We believe that normalized, legal cannabis use makes for a better world. We make wellness tasty, relaxing and fun. We love what we do. – Kenny and Kelley

We understand that when you treat yourself to a cannabis drink, you want something rewarding and delicious. We focus on quality ingredients and time-tested recipes. Our products are made with real fruit, sun-grown California cannabis, non-GMO ingredients, and cane sugar whenever possible.

What you see on the label is what you get. We submit all of our products to third party testing to ensure consistent cannabinoid content in each and every batch.

Our cannabis is tested at multiple stages during extraction and manufacturing to ensure it is safe from contaminants, pesticides and microbials.

All our products are both high quality and affordable. We use our longtime industry expertise to keep overhead low and pass along that value to our customers.

We’re cannabis nerds! We love learning and sharing knowledge that empowers consumers to make informed choices. Stay tuned.

We are actively engaged in working towards a future where cannabis can be enjoyed responsibly in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun.

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Have questions? Text us at 310-868-1439